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TERRATEK – Your partner in sustainable value and wealth creation


TERRATEK makes a significant contribution to the prosperity of several primary agricultural producers, inside and outside of Suidwes’ immediate area of operation. TERRATEK does this by supplying them with scientific-based expertise and technological solutions. Precision farming practices are without a doubt one of the strategies that primary agricultural producers follow to manage input costs and thus increase profitability. TERRATEK provides a comprehensive, independent range of agricultural services related to soil science, agronomics, horticulture, physiology, moisture management, geographic information systems, animal and grazing sciences and agricultural economics, as well as business and succession planning. TERRATEK is the leader when it comes to a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to collecting and processing information and the subsequent agricultural advisory services. TERRATEK is at the leading edge of providing the primary agricultural producer with business intelligence and advice with the purpose of effectively managing both production and financial risks and thus the creation of sustainable wealth.


 Soil science and agronomics


Data on soils is electronically gathered by means of modern equipment, which allows for it to be effectively processed into understandable maps for usage and recommendations. The hydraulic percussion earth drill, penetrometer and neutron hygrometer play a central role in this regard. Yield monitor data and satellite images form part of this process to monitor and improve crop growth and yield. Experienced agricultural experts discuss the results with the producer, and recommendations are made to optimise inputs and improve profitability. Some of the most common soil- and agronomic-related services rendered are soil classification, interpretation of soil analyses, identification of levels of compaction and depth of cultivation, determining the water content in the soil of a dry farmland, and the scheduling of irrigation.


Geographic information systems


The success of precision farming practices can be measured at different levels, mainly depending on the technology being used during the production process. The more advanced the technology, the better the ability to apply inputs in a differentiated manner to optimally realise profits, given the potential of the resource. Differentiated input application can only take place when the necessary technology is available and when the farm is measured up, the resource (soil) is quantified, a real-time recordkeeping system is in place, monitoring of the condition of the crop takes place during the growth season, and management decisions are made following the interpretation of the data. The GIS division plays a key role in this regard. Not only do they assist the primary agricultural producer with help and advice in terms of precision software, but they are also involved in the processing of this data into useful electronic management information. This typically includes the interpolation of field data and the compilation of recommendations and prescriptions.


Agricultural economics


Agri-economic analyses, based on timely, relevant and reliable information, form the foundation of informed decision-making and planning. The latter are two aspects that stand central to financial success, and thus sustainable wealth creation, for any agricultural business. A direct relationship exists between the resource potential, the management of the resource/input and the financial performance of the business. This again emphasises the importance and philosophy of TERRATEK in terms of a holistic, multi- and interdisciplinary approach to collecting and processing data into management information and expertise.


In addition to the primary agricultural advisory services, other professional services – when it comes to follow-up planning and business structuring – are also offered. These services are offered in collaboration with other associated experts and form an integral part of the success factors of any business in the current agricultural environment. The importance of optimal business structuring, despite the size of the business, must not be underestimated in terms of the impact it may have on effective management, growth potential, profitability and thus sustainability of the agricultural business.


What does TERRATEK offer?


TERRATEK is an independent service department concerning agriculture and the environment. The prime purpose of TERRATEK is to give agricultural advice and technical support to producers, to assist them with the management of production and financial risks, the optimal utilisation of resources and thus the creation of sustainable wealth.


TERRATEK offers the following specialist services:


Agrology services


Data on soil is electronically collected in the area and then processed into understandable maps for utilisation and recommendations. TERRATEK uses GPS technology and, among other things, a percussion earth drill and neutron hygrometer to collect data. Harvester monitor data is analysed and used to determine and monitor yield zones. Agrology’s most common services include the following:


  • Soil-chemical recording and analysis / grid taking of proof samples
  • Soil classification
  • Determining of profit potential on different crops
  • Crop recommendations
  • Provisional soil investigations
  • Lime recommendations
  • Optimal fertilisation recommendations
  • Determining of the soil’s water content of dry farmland for water available for planting in the coming season
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Recommendations on the quality of irrigation water


Geographic Information System (GIS) services


The GIS division integrates the spatial data of the primary agricultural producer’s production and area of interest and then visually presents it by means of maps. The maps are based on the GPS data and can be further expanded according to need with, among other things:


  • Quantified resource data (chemical and physical)
  • Harvester monitor data processing and maps
  • Farm maps, e.g. farm borders, pinfolds, etc.
  • Surveys of farm infrastructure by means of accurate GPS equipment
  • Precision farming instruction maps for varying input application


The GIS division works together with other TERRATEK specialists to provide a rounded and interpretable product for the correct input, field and pinfold planning.


Livestock, game and pasture services


These services include general pasture investigations and planning (natural and established pastures), such as the determination of pasture capacity, number of pasture days, pinfold planning and botanical surveys. These services are rendered in conjunction with associated independent experts. Livestock, game and pasture services are also rendered in respect of the following:


  • Game farm planning
  • Species and gender composition of game
  • Feed flow planning
  • Ration balancing
  • Battening recommendations
  • Feed analyses


 Agricultural economics services


Agricultural economics analyses are the backbone of informed agricultural business decision-making. TERRATEK provides the following economic and financial services:


  • Cash-flow and scenario planning
  • Production branch budgeting with:
  • breakeven points
  • cash flow
  • credit flow and
  • projected farming profit and growth.
  • Long-term budgeting for one to five years
  • Viability studies
  • Mechanisation planning
  • Business plans with measurements placing the business into perspective on a basis of facts


In addition to the above, other professional services relating to follow-up planning and business structuring are also provided.


TERRATEK provides a comprehensive range of agricultural services to the primary agricultural producer and is the leader when it comes to a holistic multi- and interdisciplinary approach to agricultural advisory services. Not only is the agricultural producer supported to manage production and financial risks, but TERRATEK’s advice and inputs also provide a significant contribution to the optimal utilisation of resources and thus the creation of sustainable wealth.