Dailena Pienaar

TERRATEK ensures the sustainable and prosperous existence of Suidwes and it’s farmers through scientifically-based expertise and technology. Products for the management of precision farming is gaining ground and are becoming more common among leading farmers and young farmers. This approach to farm management utilises the latest technology to reduce input costs and increase profits. The trend among farmers is to gradually switch to precision farming practices. Terratek provides complete, independent agricultural services in soil science, agronomy, moisture management and geographic information systems.

Agronomy and soil science
Land Data is gathered electronically using modern equipment in the field, which means that it can be effectively manipulated into easy to understand user and recommendation maps. The hydraulic auger, penetrometer and neutron moisture meter play a central role in this. Harvester monitor data and satellite images are part of the process to monitor and improve crop growth and yield. Industry support experts discuss the results with the farmer and make recommendations that will optimize input and increase profit margins.

Soil classification, interpretation of soil analysis, identification of compaction layers and tilling depth, determination of dry-land soil water content and irrigation scheduling is some of the most important services of the soil sciences.

Geographic Information Systems
Farmers have a need to apply differentiated inputs, ie to increase cost efficiency through precision farming management. This can only be realized if the farm has been surveyed, the resource (land) is quantified, a real-time recording system is in place, monitoring of crop condition occurs during the growing season and management decisions are made after the data has been interpreted. The GIS department plays a key role in this. Agronomists collect data and process it into usable electronic information. This includes typical interpolation of field data and generation of recommendation maps.

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