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Suidwes Lanbou is a level 5 BEE company

Suidwes Beleggings (Pty) Ltd BEE Certificate

Aspirant landbouers ontvang ‘n skenking van Suidwes vir verdere opleiding.

Aspiring farmers receive a grant from Suidwes for further training.


An amount of R1 062 034 million was spent on donations and sponsorships towards the community through the following institutions:
• Educational institutions
• Community projects
• Farmers’ days
• Community festivals

Suidwes Landbou provides opportunities for training and skills development to disadvantaged unemployed people through:
• a twelve month apprenticeship contract, and
• a three week agricultural skills training course for 20 aspiring farmers from the community.


A key focus area within the Suidwes Group is the process of economic and social transformation in South Africa. Black Economic Empowerment is driven at various levels within the organisation, namely:

•  Skills training: The apprenticeship program offers opportunities for previously disadvantaged employees to develop themselves as learners under experienced and skilled mentors to work while they are trained in the workplace.
•  Succession planning: Skills planning is the first step in the process of succession planning. Critical skills were identified in, among others, the following areas: grain handling, tractor mechanics, parts knowledge and retail store management.
•  The Suidwes Consultative Forum represents employees, unions (Solidarity, FAWHU, Nufbwsa) and management. The forum meets quarterly focussing on employment equity and training.
•  Shareholding: Through Kimama Investments (Pty) Ltd, employees have the opportunity to acquire shares in the company. Black employees have 75.1% and white employees have 24.9% shares in this Staff Trust.
•  Through Katleho Investment (Pty) Ltd, female employees also have an opportunity to purchase shares. In this Female Staff Trust black female employees owns 76% interest and white female employees 24% interest. Furthermore, Katleho Investment (Pty) Ltd owns a 51% stake in Suidwes IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

As required by the Act, the workplace and employment equity reports were submitted in time respectively to AgriSeta and the Departement of Labour. The focus of the BEE-scorecard is to improve administration in order to meet the requirements of the Certifying Authority.


Suidwes is a level 5 BEE contributor

Element Score
Ownership 8.34 48
Management control 0.00 11
Employment equity 0.00 13
Skills development 12.31 22
Preferential procurement 20.00 20
Enterprise development 10.00 12
Social economic development 8.01 13
TOTAL 58.66 139


To ensure a motivated and skilled workforce Suidwes Landbou focuses on effective manpower management, opportunities for growth and development, employee health and employee relationships.

Human resources management

Fair employment, regular review of policies and procedures, appropriate control methods and systems and the application of labor-related legislation ensure a work environment where employees have the opportunity to live out their knowledge and skills.

Opportunity for growth and development

• Suidwes invests in the development of its employees’ skills and knowledge. New staff are exposed to a comprehensive staff introduction program and receive task lists on appointment.
• Suidwes offers study loans and scholarships to employees and their families.
• Formal training at tertiary institutions include various levels of management and specialist training.
With skills training through apprenticeships, Suidwes ensures a line of expertise in the company that can fill vacancies and maintain a high-performance culture.
Due to full compliance Suidwes qualifies for all available funding from Agriseta. In addition to specific demands, Suidwes qualifies for discretionary grants that are awarded by Agriseta for additional training and employment for apprenticeships.
In-house training in computer skills, inter- and intrapersonal skills, effective customer service, product and retail knowledge ensures that employees have the opportunity to empower themselves to meet customers’ needs.
It is also our aim to attract, develop and retain highly skilled and performing employees. Suidwes Landbou provides a work environment that attracts diverse and skilled people and encourages them to achieve their full potential.

Facilities for financial loans are available to permanent employees. This may not exceed the maximum amount of 60% of the employee’s cash salary.


Medical benefits: Staff members have the choice of three medical aid funds to consider, giving them the option that meets their unique needs. Suidwes does not have any post-retirement medical subsidy obligations to current or retired employees.
A fully-equipped gymnasium is available for use by staff and their families.
The Group places a high premium on compliance with the Occupational Health Standards for employees.

Retirement Provision: Suidwes moved from a detached pension fund to an umbrella fund during 2012/2013. The change has brought about huge savings in terms of administrative cost and risk benefits.
The employer contribution is part of the employee’s total package and the option of 14%, 17% or 20% of cash salary is available. This includes contributions to pension, death benefits and disability. Employee contribution is 7.5% of cash salary.
The Momentum Umbrella Fund offers employees a flexible menu of benefits, for example:
• Group Life Insurance
• Spouse Insurance
• Dreaded Disease Benefit
• Funeral Cover
• Disability Benefits
• Retirement Benefits


Employee representation plays a role in protecting the interests of its members through their interaction with the company’s management and provide employees with an official voice. Suidwes ensures futhermore that all disciplinary actions comply with legal requirements and is fair to the employee as well as the employer. Healthy relations are maintained with three representative trade unions. The CCMA and Bargaining Council for the Grain Industry had, in the year under review, no case against Suidwes.