Suidwes Retail


Willie Wiggett

Acting CEO Retail

T: 018 581 1087
C: 083 449 0958


Phillip le Roux

Procurement Manager

T: (018) 581 1258
C: 083 379 7540

SUIDWES RETAIL has 20 branches and one stock feed depot situated across the Suidwes service area. We provide customers with convenient access to farming supplies. A team of dedicated buyers ensure that a wide variety of products are available to meet the needs of all customers.

The available products, inter alia, include:

  • stock feed and livestock remedies;
  • seed, fertilizer and plant pest control products;
  • general hardware and tools;
  • fuel, oil and gas;
  • irrigation supplies;
  • building materials;
  • a wide range of fencing materials;
  • garden tools and supplies; and
  • other agricultural supplies.

Suidwes Retail believes in personal service to the individual, expert advice to customers and offering a good value-for-money product range. To provide customers with the best possible buying experience, the following additional benefits are available to facilitate purchases:

  • Express accounts of up to R20 000 per month;
  • 30-day pre-approved monthly accounts; and
  • credit financing facilities.

Suidwes Retail’s product ranges, the attractive and sensible layout of stores and the quality of products are unique in the agricultural industry. Suidwes Retail understands that the needs of customers in different areas are unique and strives to cater to their preferences. These needs direct the purchase of production supplies. Each branch manager is responsible for the inventory management at his branch. This ensures the customer of personal service and tried-and-tested products. Suidwes Retail’s expert marketers are also available to provide advice and information about products and to assist customers in making the right choice and obtaining value for money.