For  enquiries in respect of Suidwes shares or the Rebate Incentive Scheme:
Adele Holtzhausen
(018) 581 1191


The share trading room has the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform where unissued authorised shares authenticated for issue to new entrants can be held.
  • To provide a platform where shareholders can offer their shares for sale and where potential buyers can purchase shares.

The management and administration of shares are the responsibility of the Group Chief Legal Officer/Group Secretary.

Shares in Suidwes are available to bona fide farmers only, subject to prior approval by the Board of Suidwes. In terms of the Rebate Incentive Scheme, customers who qualify as bona fide farmers earn preference shares on an annual basis at no cost, based on their business transactions with Suidwes.
A prospective buyer (new entrants or existing members) can purchase Suidwes Holdings shares that are offered for sale via the trading room or as direct transactions with existing shareholders at the asking price determined by selling shareholders.
Shares can be purchased directly from existing shareholders, in which event the trading room will still facilitate the transfer of the shares.

  • In both the above cases, payment of securities duty to the value of 0.25% of the purchase price of the shares is payable by the purchaser. No VAT is payable. An administration fee per transaction, equal to 1% of the sale price (transaction value), is also payable for each transfer application. (The administration fee may be amended and approved by the Board of Directors of Suidwes Holdings from time to time.)
  • Shares can also be purchased through the Rebate Incentive Scheme for Farmers. In the case of customers who are not already ordinary shareholders of Suidwes, the initial rebates will first be used to acquire a minimum number of 40 000 ordinary shares, after which preference shares are issued. (See separate document on the Rebate Incentive and Arrears Scheme for Farmers.)