Training in grain classification

Mentorship training


  • Suidwes is committed to developing its employees’ skills and knowledge. New staff are exposed to a comprehensive staff introduction program and receive a task list when appointed.
  • Suidwes offers study loans and scholarships to employees and their families.
  • Formal training at tertiary institutions include various levels of management and specialist training.

With skills training through apprenticeships, Suidwes strives to establish a line of expertise within the organisation that can fill vacant posts and maintain a high performance culture.

Suidwes qualifies for all available funding from the Agriseta due to it’s full compliance. In addition to specific claims Suidwes also qualifies for discretionary grants awarded by Agriseta for additional training and employment of apprenticeships.

In-house training, inter alia, computer skills, inter- and intrapersonal skills, effective customer service, product and retail training empower employees to proactively meet customer needs.

Suidwes also aims to attract highly skilled and performance driven employees and to develop and retain them. Suidwes strives to create a work environment that contribute to attract diverse and skilled people and encourage them to fulfill their potential in the company.
Facilities are available for assistance fund loans to permanent employees. The maximum amount may not exceed 60% of the employee’s cash salary.

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