Monthly accounts is a facility that Suidwes Retail offers to customers (farmers, businesses and salaried customers) to facilitate monthly purchases at Suidwes Country Stores branches. Payment has to be made 30 days after issue of the statement and this is an interest-free period.

Customers can apply for this facility at their nearest Suidwes Retail branch. The repayment amount and the establishment of security are determined by the paying ability and the risk profile of each customer.

The following documents are required for the application:

Application form available from the Country Store Application form available from the Country Store
Cash-flow statements
Financial statements of the entity for which the application is made
Personal financial statements of directors/members/trustees in the case of companies/CCs /trusts.
Authorisation for banking information

* Additional information may be requested and applications will be considered individually on merit.

Holders of a Suidwes monthly account will receive a text message on the the 26th of each month indicating the outstanding balance and the amount payable by the last day of the month. Payments can be made at Suidwes Country Stores or directly into Suidwes’s bank account.

Deferred Scheme Account
A Scheme Account is a facility available at Suidwes Retail for purchases of products on a deferred repayment arrangement from suppliers.

After selection, a customer is granted a specific sum per year (maximum of R300 000), which can be used throughout the year for purchases, for example animal feed. The amount is payable when the special payment arrangement of the relevant supplier expires. The facility is reviewable annually by 31 January and it is an interest-free scheme.