AgriCapital – Suidwes Financing


Dr Flipppie Cloete

CEO: AgriCapital
T: (018) 581 1016


AgriCapital can support you with a full spectrum of financing and insurance products and services. AgriCapital  is a name you can trust for all your financial requirements and needs.

AgriCapital offers a full range of financing products to assist farmers and secondary agricultural enterprises with financing. The knowledgeable staff, the extremely competitive financing costs, as well as the tailor-made financing portfolios for customers, make us the leaders in agricultural financing. This expert team can advise clients on all financing needs.

To ensure optimal service delivery, there are currently eleven relationship managers across Suidwes’ service area. Contact AgriCapital’s relationship managers to ascertain how we can contribute to your long-term sustainable business.


Revolving credit
This production facility is mainly available to cash buyers and Suidwes’ top customers. It enables customers to buy input supplies directly from suppliers. With this product Suidwes are therefore literally placing cash in the customer’s hand.

Production credit (summer and winter)
This facility primarily provides credit to crop producers for the purchase of production supplies.

Contract financing
This product is available to clients who want to hedge production risk by means of input insurance and price risk by means of SAFEX, and who also want to conclude pre-season delivery contracts with Suidwes Grain. The standard inclusion of Force majeure in this product provides customers with further peace of mind.

Long-term loans
This product helps farmers, with viable and sustainable farms, to take over their total debt from an existing financier and to schedule the payment thereof over a longer term. This can contribute to the client’s successful survival. The product can also be used to finance the purchase of additional land, should a farmer want to expand his farming activities. The loan can be granted over a term of 15 years.

Livestock loans
AgriCapital offers two custom products for the financing of livestock purchases:

  • For the purchase of breeding stock a five-year loan with annual payments (principal plus interest) can be created.
  • For the purchase of weaners and weaner lambs for speculation a twelve-month loan can be created.

Hire purchase
This scheme assists customers with the purchase of durable capital goods, such as vehicles and implements. The type and age of the purchased item, as well as the required deposit amount, will determine the term.

Resource improvement
AgriCapital offers customers loans over a four-year term to cover the costs for the chemical correction of land, as well as costs incurred to convert marginal lands to pasture. Certain terms and conditions will, however, apply to these.