From the members, to the members

SUIDWES LANDBOU, with its Head Office in Leeudoringstad in the North West Province, is one of the larger and more well-known agricultural companies in South Africa, serving clients across the country through various businesses in the agricultural value chain.


  • Grain

    offers alternative marketing channels and price risk management tools in the trading of products to clients.

  • AgriCapital

    AgriCapital offers competitive financing products

  • Insurance

    Suidwesfin is integrated in the Raddix Group

  • Terratek

    provides scientifically-based expertise and technology to producers to allow them to perform optimally.

  • Suidwes Properties

    property that are for sale or to lease become available from time to time.

  • Incentive Scheme

    customers annually receive 80% of the company’s profit before tax, as an incentive.

  • Shares

    are available to new entrants as well as to trade between buyers and sellers.

  • Agrinet

    provides and distributes hardware products, general merchandise, irrigation products and outdoor equipment to the different retail markets as well as industrial markets in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • NviroTek

    is an independent agricultural laboratory that focus on soil and plant analysis enabling producers to utilise soil optimally.

  • Raddix

    Raddix / Renasa R2 insurance products are available to Suidwes staff at special rates.

  • Suidwes-Makelary/Brokerage

    Suidwes-Makelary/Brokerage focuses on price risk management and trading on the JSE Futures Exchange for customers.

  • Protek

    has a complete range of products and services to combat pests in and around the home and garden as well as value for money plant nutrition.